Saturday, October 6, 2012

EVENT>>>Elle Prokhoda and Azuma Izakaya FASHION SHOW

Hey guys here is an upcoming event for all of those fashionestas out there!

I will be participating in a fantastic and elegant fashion show next saturday October 13th, 2012. For everyone that would like to come out and see the designs of Azuma Izakaya and your in the DC area tickets are on sale now at

Prices range from $10-$20 tickets may also be purchased at the door in cash payment only!

Designs featuring Syreeta C. and De Johnea Bianca

Stylist: Behind the Beauty, LLC (by Tanyeka Lambert)
Jewelry: Stella & Dot (with Coretta Gray and assistants)
Designers: Syreeta C. and De Johnea Bianca
Hair: Simon Bechara
MUAs: Natasha Stickles and Kristina Collins



Azuma Izakaya Fashion Show
Saturday, October 13

316 North Washington Street, Rockville, MD

Sunday, July 8, 2012

MAKEUP HISTORY 101: Makeup in film

Over this past weekend my younger brother and I were watching one of the original Batman movies from the 1960s. What was so intriguing not just the original cast or the old 1960 fell of special effects which is no comparison to today's BATMAN films but, that all the makeup was in fact done by Ben Nye!
The film BATMAN(1966) staring the original cast members from the Batman series including Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, Cesar Romero, Burgees Meredith and Frank Gorshin.

All makeup in the film and series was designed by makeup icon Ben Nye father of makeup artist Ben Nye Jr and  Dana Nye. Both the film and series makeup direction was determined by the black & white picture in the early series and color film in later yeas. For most characters makeup was somewhat clean and classic for catwoman and more dramatic clown type for The Joker!

Ben Nye was a renowned makeup artist for the Hollywood film industry for over four decades, from the 1930s to the early 1980s. He worked for such films as Gone with the Wind (1939), Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), The King and I (1956), The Fly (1958), Valley of the Dolls (1967), and Planet of the Apes (1968).  The Ben Nye Makeup Company was started in 1967 Its current CEO is Nye's son, Dana. The Ben Nye Makeup Company issues the Ben Nye Catalog, which both displays the company's product line, and features its use by famous, notable, or exceptional makeup artists in the film and theater industries.

Makeup in film has changed a bit over the past centuries compared to recent Batman movies including dark knight and dark knight rises actors portraying most notorious villains including Heath Ledger(THE JOKER) and Anne Hathaway(CATWOMAN) yet Ben Nye is still the top theatrical and film makeup brand used for top artist.

For more info on Makeup artist Ben Nye go 2

For Ben Nye makeup & supplies

Saturday, May 12, 2012


to infinity and beyond

I always wanted to do a nail design that resembled outer space. I finally created this group of star clusters.

This is completed using the sponge technique. You can use any make up sponge or break up any sponge. I break them up very tiny ...small enough to pick up with tweezers. I used white, yellow, pink, and blue acrylic paints. You get acrylic paints from any craft store, or where craft supplies are sold.

1. paint your nails black
2. using the sponge and white acrylic paint, sponge across the nail diagonally.
3. using the sponge and yellow acrylic, sponge directly on top of the white
4. using the sponge and pink, sponge as close to the yellow border as possible
5. using the sponge and blue, sponge as close to the pink as possible.
6. using white again, take a dotting tool, or something pointy like a toothpick, create clusters of dots (stars) around the outer edges of the color scheme.

Please comment and let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 24, 2012



With this Sunday nights premire season of one of the very best shows that are on right now comes Estee Lauder's new collection "MAD MEN".

                                SHAKE. STIR. SEDUCE.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Estée Lauder has released a two-piece limited edition cosmetic collection in honor of the show's highly-anticipated Season 5 premiere. Each wrapped in a white, gold and light blue floral print box and complete with gold fabric cases, the products are a cherry-orange coral lipstick and a creme blush. The line seems to be both inspired by the essentials inside the makeup bags of January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks, as well as perfectly on trend for the season's best colors in beauty.

Is your personal style taking notes from the women of Mad Men?


Limited Edition Creme Rouge     US$40.00

Evening Rose

Creamy, light, easy to blend  Vintage inspired compact. the must-have classic makeup item that captures the iconic rosy cheeks of the era.

Compact and carton are inspired by vintage designs from the legendary Estée Lauder 60's collections.

This limited edition blush is creamy, light, easy to blend. Dewy, smooth, natural finish.

Limited Edition Lipstick       US$25.00


the must-have classic makeup item that captures the iconic cherry-red lips of the era.

Lipstick case and carton are inspired by vintage designs from the legendary Estée Lauder 60's collections.

This limited edition lipstick lavishes your lips.
  • Cream satin finish
  • Smooth, rich lipcolor

Sold at Estee lauder and selected retailers for more information check out


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RECAP: Fashion Law Week DC Presents: Intelligent Design

Here's a little recap for everyone on DC Fashion Law week which was awesome!
@MFG VISIONS we participated in the makeup for the show along other talented artist for this years showcase!

Korto Momolu, designer from Bravo's Project Runway, Season 5 showcased her collection for the introduction of the Howard Law School Fashion Show held at the Mansion on O Street.

  The list of designers are were as follows:
1.) Korto Momolu
2.) Studio d'Maxsi
3.) Kim Schalk
4.) Diamantina (handbags)
5.) Stella Bonds
6.) Gwen Beloti
7.) DIVA DELICIOUS (handbags)
8.) The JEM Collection (scarves)
9.) Tashia Senn
10.) Elizabeth St. John Collection (bridal couture)
Natalia Pereverzeva, Miss Earth 2012 from Russia was in attendance of the show along with Miss Awurama Simpson, Miss Universe Ghana 2010 who actually hosted the event.

Here are some pics from the show:

Background on the Organization:IPSA was established at the Howard University School of Law in the fall of 2003 to encourage law students to learn more about the legal field of IP. IPSA actively engages students in the practice of IP and its various forms, promotes the IP practice as a legal career, and seeks to increase the pool of qualified IP lawyers of color. Fashion Law Week™ DC demonstrates not only the growth of IPSA, but also its willingness to push the legal community to engage new issues.